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Invisalign in Scottsdale

Invisalign is an amazing procedure that can correct multiple issues.
Invisalign can correct orthodontic issues such as crowding and spacing along with correcting bite issues. All these corrections can be done with clear braces. Invisalgn is a simple procedure for the patient.

The first visit consists of impressions and photos and x-rays. These will be submitted to invisalgn, along with a prescription completed by the Doctor on how the movement needs to be done. Invisalgn works with multiple trays that are changed out every two weeks.
An average case is about eleven months. In less than one year, our patients in Scottsdale with Invisalgn can enjoy an improved smile. When teeth are crowded it causes bacteria to gather between teeth. Due to the crowding flossing can not properly clean the area. This usually leads to periodontal disease.

Straightening the teeth allows everyday brushing and flossing to properly remove the bacteria. People who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease can also benefit from invisalign. Our hygienists have noticed our patients with crowding that choose to experience invisalign have had pocket reduction leading to a healthier mouth. Crowding can also create an unhealthy bite that can reduce a persons tooth structure as well as cause TMD. TMD is excess wear on a temporomandibular joint, located near ears. The disorder can be caused by a bite not properly aligned. Some people who have experienced symptoms or have been informed that they grind have been placed in a night guard so that the guard would take the brunt of the grinding. Invisalign can help eliminate most of these symptoms all by just correcting a bite. Unfortunately a night guard in most cases can be considered a band aid to the problem.

Patients in Scottsdale with Invisalign can also benefit from having their personal Invisalign trays be used for whitening trays. Since the trays are custom fit they are perfect for holding the gel in place allowing persons teeth to appear straighter and whiter. In rare cases some people may not be a candidate for invisalgn depending on how extreme the case may be. If considering invisalign a no charge consultation is all that is needed.

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Invisalign in Scottsdale, AZ

Invisalign in Scottsdale, AZ